Use Surplus Power From Solar PV Panels To Heat Water
Save Money * Earn FIT * Reduce your CO2 footprint * Prevent unwanted export of electricity
MarkIV Switch – Proportional / Modulation Based Immersion Controller Now Available. Only £199

Hot Water Using Solar PV

Get hot water using free surplus power from your solar panels.

Lower Gas Bills

Your gas boiler works far less to heat the water, saving on the gas usage.

Better Return of Investment

One more way to recoup your investment and use the pv system more efficiently.

Simple to Install

No modification of the existing PV wiring with our Clip on Sensor Technology.

UPDATE : The new Mark III version of intelligent solar PV heating switch / heating controller with proportional controller is available now.  Mark III diverts ALL the surplus power from the solar PV to the immersion heater (no need to change the immersion heater as it works with the existing one) and comes at a very affordable price. Please click here to visit the dedicated website for Mark III, for more details.

Fact: About 60-70% of the electricity produced by the Solar PV system is surplus to your immediate requirements and is exported to grid with very little benefit for you!

Most Solar PV customers are amazed by the free power they are creating and often wonder how to store this huge extra power rather than wasting it.

Avoid wasting money and use spare electricity from solar panels to heat water using our smart solar pv power management unit.

Now, with our clever automatic immersion heater switch, it’s possible to store the free extra energy generated from your PV as hot water! The unit will turn on the immersion heater when  solar PV system produce more power than used inhouse  – All without effecting the PV meter readings.

It make financial sense to use that extra power generated by your PV to heat water rather than exporting to the grid, as buying electricity and gas from grid for heating water remains expensive. If you are on feed-in tariff, you will still be payed for the power used to heat the water. Make most of your feed in tariff – use surplus electricity generated from your solar PV system for hot water and still receive payment for it!

The investment on the solar PV heat controller switch could pay itself back in less that 24 months, especially when used for hot water.